What is wireless Network and types – TECHNETING

The wireless networks are computer networks. that are not connected by Cables of any kind. In simple words, When two and more Devices or entities are connected without any Networking cable.

It will be called wireless Networking. From cell phone to simple home wireless internet connection, Bluetooth and more, everything comes under wireless Networking.



Different Wireless Networks:


IrDA- Infrared Data Association

Data Association has Developed a standard where data is transmitted via infrared light waves it is a protocol where beams are used in the infrared light spectrum, In Case of IrDA, send as the Data transfer is done through infrared, you can send data to one device at a time.



Bluetooth uses 2.45 gigahertz radio waves to share data between Devices. Technology is limited to a short distance of 10 ft but it can cross walls in order to transmit data. This communicates without wire. The figure shows the various Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth VersionSpeed or Data rateĀ Backward compatibility
Bluetooth v1.2720 kbpsBluetooth v.1.1
Bluetooth v2.02.1 MbpsBluetooth v1.2
Bluetooth v2.12 MbpsBluetooth v1.2
Bluetooth v3.024 MbpsBluetooth v2.1
Bluetooth v4.024MbpsBluetooth v3.0
Bluetooth v4.1Designed to work seamlessly with LTE cellular technologyBluetooth v4.0


HomeRF- Home Radio Frequency

HomeRF was Design for home radiofrequency workgroup and it is a Specification that works for home Devices. It has 6 Voices and 1 Data channel. The network is Slow and works in Limited Range but it is cheap.

Data channel of 802.11 wireless-Ethernet Specification by the IEEE is used for the transfer and it can only be used for the computer. in case you need to connect the printer, you first need to connect it to the home Computer.


Types of Wireless Network



Wireless Local Area Network also known as WLAN offers wireless Network communication over a short distance. it used radio or infrared signals instead of traditional network cables. it allows mobile users to connect to a local area network (LAN) through the wireless connection. Most commonly used WLAN protocols are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



A Wireless Personals Area Network or WPAN is a kind of person is network That allows users to interconnect their devices centered on an individual’s workplace. It offers wireless connectivity. WPAN uses a specialized technology that permits communication within a range of 10 meters only. Bluetooth is one such technology.


Wireless Ad Hoc Network

A wireless ad hoc network is a decentralized type of wireless network that does not rely on pre-existing infrastructures like wired networks, routers or access points in managed wireless networks. it is particularly helpful in sharing files or data directly from one device to another but have no Wi-Fi connectivity.


Wireless MAN

A wireless metropolitan area network or WMAN is a sort of wireless networking that comes with a projected coverage area (Called range) more or less the size of a city.

Wireless MAN is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard and it has effective transfer speed of 1 – 10 Mbps within a range of 4 – 10 kilometers.



Wireless WAN

A wireless wide area network or Wireless WAN is a special type of network that gives out signals within a range of several miles to a moving or stationary Device.

It is commonly known as “Wireless Broadband” or “Broadband Wireless”. This type of larger Network often requires some types of encryption or security that a local area network may not require. Example SKYPE, WIFI.


Cellular Network

A Cellular Network is a radio network that offers coverage over a land area through Cells (Mobile Device). Each of these cells is Incorporated with a fixed location transceiver known as a based station.

All cell together provide radio coverage over larger geographical areas. Cellular Network comes with the boons like increased Capacity, larger area coverage, and Minimum interference from other signals.


Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

Wifi is a Technology that sends radio Waves to offer network Connectivity. A Wi-Fi Connection can be established by using a Wireless adapter that creates hotspots. A hotspot is an Area in the vicinity of a Router that is again connected to the network and permits users to access internet connectivity.

This technology is based on the 802.11 IEEE Network Standards. The Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Offers the highest data speech which of 11 Mbps. I case of interference. Data speed drops to halves.


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