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YOU must have heard about Virtual Memory in the Technical Term. because the memory is such a chip. Nowadays there are many available in the device. You must have heard many times that if the memory is not good then our device does not work well today. We Virtual You will know a lot about memory in detail.


After all, what is virtual memory and what is its use? If you are a student of a computer or have been a student of a computer, then there will be information about virtual memory. Today everyone uses the computer because in today’s time computer usage is being used everywhere,


In computer, two types of memory are very important which we name RAM (Random access memory) and ROM (Read-only memory) We also know, but let me tell you, even after RAM and ROM, a memory remains in our computer, which we call Virtual Memory.

Today I am going to tell you about Virtual Memory in the entire Detail in this post, so let’s know what is virtual memory in the computer



What is Virtual Memory Details



In order to perform multiprocessing on the computer, RAM is very important. Multiprocessing means executing all tasks in a computer simultaneously or using multiple programs and applications simultaneously. To run a different type of application in any computer, only the RAM in the computer performs that task.


The more often we open applications to run in our computer, the more our RAM space is filled to run all those applications. Sometimes it happens that our computer’s RAM starts filling up due to multiple applications running simultaneously Huh.


After which no application runs on our computer. In this case, the computer uses virtual memory. Virtual memory uses space from the computer’s hard disk to alternate work of RAM in the computer.



Virtual Memory provides a separate RAM to the Computer which is completely different from Physical RAM because the RAM Computer has Insert as a chip and RAM is a Hardware Device. But Virtual Memory is a software



What is the work of virtual memory

This is the case of virtual memory, if there is less space of RAM in the computer system then that deficiency can be overcome by using virtual memory in the computer, the size of RAM in each computer is limited. If you use multiple applications simultaneously on your computer, then it is complete,


this is the reason why the speed of our computer starts to slow down. Whenever the RAM space starts getting full, then send the data of Virtual Memory RAM to the hard disk. Lets the RAM space empty so that the computer performs the tasks well.



How Virtual Memory Works

Whenever the space of RAM in our computer starts to become full, then the operating system of our computer checks the applications and files being used, and whatever file and application is minimized which remains open in our computer but the user at that time They are not working.


All those programs transfer the data of RAM in Computer Virtual Memory with the help of Paging File. When the data is transferred from Physical Memory to Virtual Memory,


then the Operating System Divides all those applications and programs in Page File. Also, we add a Fixed Number Address with the file data of each page.


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