What is JAVA – Explanation by TECHNETING

In this era of smartphones and the internet, our day does not start without mobile. Whenever we wake up sleeping in the morning, we wake up first by looking at our mobile phone. It has become a part of our life and even then why don’t we do all our work now only with this mobile phone.

Earlier we had to go to the market to buy goods. In order to send or deposit money, banks had to be lined up in the morning, but now we can do all those things from mobile sitting at home.


But have you ever thought that how do we get all this facility from mobile? Friends, this has been possible due to Java, a high-level programming language. If you are or have been a student of your computer, then you must have heard the name of Java and if you have not heard it.


What is JAVA Details


What is JAVA – Explanation by TECHNETING

You know what Java is first. Java is another text-oriented programming language which is also called high-level language as it can be read and written easily by humans.


 Java is multiple platforms and distributor programming language that is used to create console application Java application weather location mobile application development game development or PC or embedded systems. Apart from this, this language is also used to develop software or apps for almost all devices.


Java is simple and better than another programming language 30 and secure programming language which is currently used not only in computers but also in mobile phone tablets electronic devices such as TV washing machines etc.


Nowadays online banking and shopping online form has been possible only with the help of Java. Currently, almost all mobile companies support Java. Google has developed Android as an open-source operating system for mobile devices connecting Java with Linux,


which has become very popular today and almost all the big companies are looking for mobile devices tablets smartwatch for Android platform. Etc. develop.


Importance of JAVA

Java languages ​​provide the facility to create web applications such as websites blocks and also help in creating apps for mobile. In today’s time, all the packages are run on Java Script.

For Android device, many such applications have been created which are written in Java. These applications have been made using Android’s software development kit ie SDK and friends. Now we know


History of Java

About the history of Java, Java is a computer-based programming language developed by James Close Ling and his fellow Sun Microsystems in 1981.


 James Counseling is considered to be the leading developer of Java. His only principle behind the creation of this language was right once run. Which meant the language would be written only once and it would be used everywhere.


James named this programming language developed by James and his team as Oak, after which it was renamed to Java in the year 1900. Java’s team members are also called Green China.


He started a project to develop a language that helps develop applications for digital devices. Java was primarily developed to make consumer electronics devices such as TV setup box VCR successful but became the best programming language for Internet programming.


Jens Kaushal first named the program Green Chowk after which it was changed to separate. This name was already registered by technology and hence it was changed again to Java. The most important and popular feature of Java is that Java is a language platform-independent.

This means that the Java programming language is not designed for any particular hardware or operating system. Therefore programs created on Java can be canceled on any system.


The unique feature of java


The unique feature of Java still makes Java the most popular language, the first version of Java was released in GT’s One Point Zero on 23 January 19 and 96.

After that many versions were developed and released. Currently, the latest version of Java is Java S8 which was released on 18 March 2014. It is an object-oriented language based on C and C++ language but Java has been further simplified and improved such that errors of programming features can be overcome.


Files of Java source code whose extension is dot java are generated with the help of a compiler in bit code format and then the Java Interpreter shoots the complete Java court.


On all computers, Java is trended with the help of virtual machines ie GVM. JBM is a virtual machine that provides a run time environment where Java programs are run.

All the computers that run Java programs already have Javelin installed, so the source code of Java runs on computers of all platforms and friends now know how many types of Java are there. Java is actually a very large programming language.


Java is divided into three parts

  1. Java micro edition
  2. Java standard edition
  3. Java enterprise edition


About the features of java

Java follows the OPS concept which simplifies software development and maintenance. Second is platform-independent java platform-independent language, meaning it can be canceled in every platform. Programs written in Android Windows Linux and Mac Java can be run in any operating system. For example,


if you have written Java program in Windows Overs, then we will be able to run it easily in Linux OS. The third is another great feature of Secure Java is that it is a secure language.


Java is the most secure because the Java program is a talent in the Java Ramadan environment. The machine activates the program by running some tests on the GVM before generating the code. Java language is virus-free, so programs are protected.


Java is an easy language because it contains syntaxes just like C ++. which can be learned easily but where is C++. Operating overloading and header files are not used in this, which makes it even easier to learn.

Portable Java is a portable language because Java’s source code is converted into bit code with the help of a compiler. This bit code runs in every system, so it can be obtained easily.


Advantage of JAVA

  • The number is Low Waste Protest means that any program made in strong Java can work in different investments without crashing. Any bottlenecks in Java can be easily found and solved. Java is Agro-based language for all these reasons
  • Distributors Java is a distributor language which means Java programs are built to run on the Internet.
  • From Java, we can create distributor applications. These are applications that are distributed on different networks.
  • Java uses HTTP and FTP protocols to easily access data on the Internet.
  • Java is a multi-traded language which means that large programs and small programs are divided in Java and all these programs are instituted sequentially.
  • This bit code runs in every system, so it can be obtained easily.
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