What is Cloud Storage – Definition Form Techneting

Benefits Of Cloud Storage

If you do not know what is storage Device is, then let me tell you which device we use to store our files and Folder. It is called Storage Device, for this, we used to use Floppy Disk earlier, whose storage capacity used to be very useful, after which the trend of CD.DVD came, which was still not enough for us. After which Pendrive, Hardisk Memory card. Which we have been using in our device


But over time all these storage devices started to work for us. Why after this time, the size of data has started to be much larger than before, due to which research was invented by Online Cloud Storage Technology, a service where any user can remotely online access Manage, and With the help of this technology, the user can access his files and data from anywhere in the world, if I talk about the data, then 1.8 billion people all over the world who use Online Personal Cloud. The best advantage of online cloud is too big companies who store their large amounts of data on online cloud storage.


In this situation, we want to store our data in a place where our data is secure. In such a situation, online cloud storage is where we can keep our data very secure and can access our data at any time. And wherever you can access it. The good thing about online cloud storage is that for this we do not need to carry any device with us, our entire store is an online store, which we can access anytime from our mobile or computer.



What is Cloud Explication 


Cloud storage means that we store our data securely on an online server, which we can access and use whenever we want. There are many people who still do not know about Cloud Storage. But let me tell you, The Storage System is a Bunch of a very large Storage Device, where many Large Size Storage Devices are installed. Which connects to Public Network (Internet) which is managed by a Third Party Tour. Which we access and store our data through the Internet.


Types Of Cloud Storage

  • Personal Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud 
  • Hybrid Cloud


Who is Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud Storage Provider is an organization that provides cloud storage at a broad level. There are many Cloud Storage Provider in World which Cloud can use to some extent for free.


Apple ICloud

Apple I Cloud is only for people who use Apple Company mobile or laptop. You must have an Apple id to use apple I Cloud, without apple id you cannot use it. Apple I Cloud is very much like Secure Clouds like Microsoft and Google, in this you can use up to 5 GB of storage free from Apple, if you want to use more than 5 GB, then you have to pay extra money for that. Will happen.


Microsoft One0-Drive

Who does not know Microsoft One-drive? These are the big companies of the world, whose operating system we use in our computers, you also have to use up to 5 GB for free, you will have to pay more to use it. To use Microsoft’s Cloud, you need to have Microsoft’s Hotmail or Outlook mail from which you can log in and use Cloud.


Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud Drive is very popular Cloud, which is very famous all over the world, Amazon Cloud belongs to Amazon.com, the world’s largest e-commerce company, in this, you can use up to 5 GB of the cloud for free. For this, you have to take a subscription here.



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