What is Bitcoin | How it Work Definition From Techneting

Nowadays you have definitely heard about Bitcoin, it is becoming very popular. But do you know what is Bitcoin? If you also want to buy Bitcoin, then how can you buy and sell it? With this, if you have all the questions about Bitcoin, all of them will be cleared easily in the post today.


What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin | How it Work Definition From Techneting

So Bitcoin Basically is a Virtual Cryptocurrency, which means that you can neither give nor touch this money. This is a kind of secret money that you keep in a wallet on the Internet.

With its help, you can buy or sell anything on the Internet. If you want to buy an Internet item, then you can take Bitcoin in its place and give it to Bitcoin or if you want to sell something, you can do it easily.

This is a way digital currency can be used in Payments like Rupay, Doller, and Pound. These are all money, in the same way, Bitcoin is also a kind of money, the only difference is that you can neither touch it nor see it. You can use it in any way.


 History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Currency was invented in 2009 by a woman named Santosh. At that time it was not popular, due to which its price was very low. At that time its price was around 0.3 Doller. If f search on Google, then there Google will first tell how much a Bitcoin price was in 2009 2010 and 2011.


But if you Compare from today, then the price of a bitcoin is more than 10000 Doller, which is worth millions in it. So its price keeps decreasing day by day but if you want to know the price of a bitcoin at the moment, then you can search in Google, Current will tell the price of bitcoin.


What is bitcoin used

What is Bitcoin | How it Work Definition From Techneting

What is Bitcoin, what is its use and we understand how in the end you can buy and sell Bitcoin and what documentation will be required for this.  So friends, now your question is how can you buy Bitcoin in the end, how can you sell, then to buy Bitcoin, you have to resort to a website on a mobile, then there are only two popular websites in India.


How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

First is Zebpay and second is Unocoin This popular website where you can buy Bitcoin and can also sell Bitcoin, then for this, you have to download their website or mobile app.


From there you have to sign up and enter your mobile number in the signup, there you will have to submit some documents such as Voter id, Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Bank Account.
You will submit all these details after that this Company will Verify your Document


After that, after 24 hours you will activate your account, just as the account will be activated, after that you can log in here and deposit money from your bank account, then after deposit, you can convert that money to Bitcoin.

It is not necessary that you buy a bitcoin in full. You can buy as many bitcoins as you want.


If you want, you can Easily buy a bitcoin of a thousand rupees two thousand or one lakh two lakh rupees, so just like you will deposit the money and you can easily convert that money into Bitcoin and you think that the value of Bitcoin is quite good and I’m getting a lot more profit

So you can easily transfer it to your bank account, then this is the process of buying bitcoin and selling bitcoin. If you have some questions about bitcoin now, then you must tell me in the comment below.

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