How to Upgrade Desktop Step by Step Easily

If we think about upgrading our laptop/desktop, the first question that comes to our mind is that we should upgrade it or a Replacement. When you bought your current Desktop Some years ago. it Worked really fast for the initial phase. Now that it is running slow, you can either replace it entirely or Upgrade a few parts to make it work better.



What’s the thing that troubles you the Most, Is it the fact that programs take a While to load Or is it the fact that it takes a long to Boot and Next thing.- Does your PC star out fine but slows down once you started using it for a while? if that’s the case, then you should be able to upgrade a component or two to improve Performance 


Hard Disk

If your computer system is running very slow. And its performance is getting worse day by day and it is taking too much time while shutting down the computer. There is a very Big Matter that your hard disk will be full. Fortunately, There’s a quick and free fix for this issue at the OS level.


The Solutions is to upgrade to a drive with more space or for the time being, Clear some unnecessary files to create Some unnecessary files to create some free space on your hard drive. If you don’t want to install a new Hard Drive inside your Computer,  Purchase as external USB 3.0 drive and Transfer all your data into New Hard Drive.



Earlier only one program could be used at a time, But now with progress multitasking is possible. Most four-year-old PCs Came with at least 2GB or 8GB, then it is even better. Especially when you consider watching web Videos in the Background while doing Something else such as opening a webpage in another window. 

Your Computer Workload is increased when you don’t close tabs in your browser and work with 50 tabs at once. Even If you have to get rid of your existing Desktop memory because of a shortage of slots, 8GB of memory won’t cost you more than Rs 35000-45000. Installing Memory is easy and you can do it by yourself.


How to Upgrade your Computer Memory Few Step

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  1. Open the case 
  2. For your Desktop Computer, Figure out the type of RAM that will be required. Check the number of available slots to insert RAM. The Motherboard has a limit to the number Of RAM sticks that it can install. Some motherboards support only two sticks, While others may support four or Six. 


3. Remove RAM

4. Insert the RAM in the slot. Press it lightly until you hear a click Sound.

 5. Close the Computer case, Once you’ve finished inserting your RAM sticks. Switch On your Computer Normally. Your Computer has been starting normally. If your Computer Display the size of RAM in the self-test during startup. Then the RAM has been installed correctly.


Installing SSD

  1. Look for a free SATA port on the motherboard
  2. Secure the drive in a free drive bay.
  3. Connect the SATA data and power cables new drive.
  4. Installing the Operating System.

An SSD is so small that you can fit it into any drive bay even with an adapter including the one that was made to hold the floppy drive. In a worst-case scenario where you don’t have the free drive bays, you can double-stick tape the SSD to the Zip-tie it to anywhere where there’s a place in the chassis

Upgrading CPU

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If your computer is free of space in the hard drive, then you feel that the computer is performing very slow, then, in that case, you can use the alternative method

You can Install a Cleaner Operating System and You can go for a Faster Processor. However, for Most People, The answer would be a new Computer. Replacing a Cpu Requires more than just a simple plug-in. The Process of connecting heat sink, putting thermal paste, and change in the BIOS needs a commitment that will take a lot of time. The best thing will be a system with a newer and faster Processor


In thatWorst-case scenario, You will have an out-of-warranty Desktop that will never boot again.  We don’t suggest hiring someone to do this job for you. Since the new PC prices are dropping every year, hiring a professional to install a new Processor will be too expensive 


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