How to Join a Workgroup to domain

What is Domain and Workgroup & How to join workgroup to domain

If you are studying a computer or working in a company, then it is very important for you to add your computer to the domain from workgroup. Why if you will go for work in any company, then they all join the computer domain. So that’s why you should also come to add your computer to the domain. If you do not know how to add a domain to your computer, you can add your computer to the domain by following the steps given below.

Before following all these steps, we know what is a domain name. What are the differences in domain name and workgroup?

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is a name that is. Our Internet address (IP) and computer server are identified. In the language of computer network, it is the address of our computer server to which all our computers are connected.

What is Workgroup?

A workgroup is a form of the peer-to-peer network. Which was named for the Windows-based peer-to-peer computer network? Through this type of network, computers can access files, printers or Internet connections with each other. In order to work in this way, every user must have an account on workgroup’s computers, through which access is possible. Whose settings and their access are controlled by the user of the computer.

first of all. Search the control panel in the search bar of your computer. And by clicking on its control panel, you do it.

After this, the control panel of your computer will open in front of you.

Next, you click on the System icon in your control panel.

After doing this, the About section of your computer will open. Click on where you will see the option of Change setting, On clicking, you will see the option of System Properties. Where you have to click on Change.

After following all these steps, you will see the option of domain changes. Where you will see two options, first domain, and second workgroup. Now you have to click on the previous option. And whichever domain you want to join. He has to enter it. Example domain (

After doing this, he will ask you for your username and password. Note: – Domain Name and Password is the domain you want to join. His administrator provides.

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