How to install Windows Server 2012 GUI Mode

Installation of  Windows Server 2012 GUI

Minimum Requirements for Windows Server 2012 GUI

  • CPU architecture required is 64 bit from AMD or Intel is Supported.
  • Minimum Processor Speed must be 1.4 GigaHertz.
  • Minimum Memory (RAM) Required is 2GB
  • Hard Disk required for installation is 60 GB

After insert, an installation media the firsts screen appears as shown above it shows the options and you have to choose.

  1. To select Language
  2. Time and Currency Format
  3. Keyboard and input method

Step- After selecting the option you can click on “NEXT” And proceed to continue

Step-2 Now you have to select Standard Evaluation ( Server with GUI), Then Click Next

Step-3 Now you have to accept (End-user License Terms) and Click on Next to the Installation

Step-5 Select Wich types of Installation you want 

2 Types of Installation show on Screen

  • Upgrade Installation
  • Custom Installation

Upgrade Installation

In this type, the File, Setting, and applications are Moved from an older version of windows to the newer versions of the Windows Operating System.

Custom Installation

This is also referred to as “Clean Install” the Selected drive is formatted and the new version of Windows is installed.

Step-6 We will choose the Custom Installation Option

Step-7 Creation a New Partition To create a new partition, select your drive and click on Next. If you want to shrink the size of your disk, click on New.

After all these processes are completed, the installation will start. This may take some time. The computer will boot after installation. Remember that you should not turn off the computer while booting.

The Next Administrator login screen will open up.
Next click OK then change password.

Note:- Keep this in mind when setting a password with a complex password necessary. Set any password, it must be a combination of capital and small alphabets, numbers and special variables. Example- ([email protected]).

After completing all these tasks, your Windows is fully installed successfully. Now you can use them in this way.



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