How to enable and Install Hyper-v : Windows Tricks

Hyper-v is a Windows-based virtualization system. Which is the default given in the operating system of Windows By using this, we can install multiple virtual machines on our physical Windows computer. 

It is disabled by default in Windows. Because of which, not all users are aware of it.

They use other virtual software. today I will tell the same in this topic. How can you enable Hyper-v in your computer and create a virtual machine in it?


Minimum Requirements for Hyper-V

  • Your computer must have Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro and Education, installed.
  • 64-bit Processor Required 
  • Cpu Support VM-Monitor Mode
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM Required 



Enable Hyper-v Using Windows PowerShell

STEP1- Open PowerShell Run as Administrator

STEP2- Run This Commands

Run PowerShell
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V -All

Note:- If it does not run the command. So run PowerShell from Run as Administrator.

Reboot the computer after all the processes are complete.


Enable Hyper-V through Setting 

STEP1- Right-click on the Windows button in the corner of the computer screen.

STEP2- Click On Apps and Features | Note:- If you use other auditions of Windows. So you can also see the option of program and feature.

STEP3- Next, a new window will open. Then click on the program end feature.

STEP4- Click on ( Windows Feature on or Off )


How to enable and Install Hyper-v : Windows Tricks

STEP5-  Checkmark the hyper-v Then click OK. After completing all these processes, Restart your computer.

Congrats Hyper-v is Successfully installed. 

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