How to Download and Install Vmware Player 2019


How to Download and Install Vmware Player

If you want to get information about VMware. Here you will get all the information related to VMware. In this post, I am going to tell you what is VMware. And how to install it.


What is Vmware?

VMWare is a virtualization-based software. By using which you can install multiple virtual machines on your physical computer. If it is said in easy language. You can install multiple operating System on your physical machine. In VMware,


you can install any distribution operating system like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, The operating system that we install in VMware It is installed as a file and folder. We can download VMWare for free. But to use it, you will need a license. Which you will have to purchase from the official website of VMware.


How to Download Vmware 

First click here, visit the official website of VMware.


1. Click on the download menu. Which is in the top corner of the website.

2. After clicking on the download menu. Click on the free download option in the left corner of the website.

3. After clicking on the free product download, you have to download the workstation player.

4. Next, you will see two options. The download has to be done by clicking on Workstation for Windows.

5. Next, .exe has to be run by clicking. That you downloaded from the website. congratulation The VMware player will be successfully installed to follow all steps. congratulation

If you want to install VMware Player in Linux Operating System so Follow the Same step.mBut while downloading the software, download for Linux.







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