How to Disable Right Click on Blog Post

If I tell you some time ago, there were very few blogs on the Internet. At that time, there used to be very few blogs than today, what used to be in English, Hindi Blog Post was rarely seen. But today everyone wants to be their own blog. Every day new blogs are created, due to this the blog competition has become very much


Creating a blog is a good thing, but with what people are not doing in the matter of making money, what are they doing by copying content from any other website and posting their blogs, no matter how hard we try, but We do not get success because Google never indexes the copied content. But there are some bloggers who copy Hindi content from any website, translate it into English and post it on their blog or make a slight change in the content and index it in Google. Which are the very wrong things? Which we call Copy-write content.


But I think all these are wrong, you can never become successful by stealing someone’s hard work. If you do not copy content from any website and post it on your website. Because of this, your Adsense Approval may also be canceled or you have applied for approval to Adsense, then your AdSense will never be approved. So if you want to rank your blog on Google’s first page No Copy.


How to prevent copying text from the Website

If you are a blogger and you want to avoid copying the content of your website, then I am going to tell you some tricks which will not be able to copy any content from your website after using it. This means clicking on your website will be disabled. So that no one can copy your blog post.


WP  Copy Protection

If you are a WordPress user and you want to Right Click Disable on your website, then you can do it very easily, with the help of just one Plugin, you will not need Coding for this. All you have to do is to install a plugin in your WordPress whose link I have given below, you can use it for free.

With this, if you want that no one can copy the image, then you can also right-click disabled the image of your blog, no one can download and use the image from your website, why the content Also, it is very important to keep Blog Image Plagiarism free. Why if anyone uses the image on your website by copying the image from your website, then copyright can also come from it. And the option of Link Right Click Disable has also been given in this plugin. If you want to protect your post’s URL from being copied too, then its option has also been given.



These are a very simple and easy method to avoid getting content from your blog, a code is given below. Which you have to copy and paste after your blog’s Header or Body tag, this will prevent your website from being copied. This method may be best for you which does not know Coding, and they want to avoid copying the content of their blog.


<body ondragstart=”return false” onselectstart=”return false”>


JavaScript CODE

By this method, right-click will be disabled on your blog, even the person will not be able to copy the content from your blog post. For this, you have to Past this Java Script Code before </header> ya </body> of your blogger, or WordPress theme, if you don’t know the option of </header> ya </body>, then  You can easily past by going to your Blogger, or WordPress, theme option.

Javacript code
<!– Start mozedia disable copy paste code –><script type=’text/javascript’>if (typeof document.onselectstart != “undefined”) {document.onselectstart = new Function(“return false”); } else { document.onmousedown = new Function(“return false”); document.onmouseup = new Function(“return false”); }</script><!– End mozedia disable copy paste code –>
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