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What is hosting

Let us understand what hosting is in simple terms. If we store our file folder then we need storage for that. In which we store our files and folders. And whenever we need our own folder, we access it.


Hosting is also online storage of the same kind in which we store all the file and folder of our website. And share it publicly which the user accesses. And access the content you provide. But here we also use Online Storage (Hosting). We have to buy it from a Hosting Provider.


Why Best Hosting Is Important

Best web hosting is a very important role for any online business. If we buy good quality hosting. So it is very easy for us to rank our website on Google. Because of not having good web hosting, our website gets Speed Slow. Or more time becomes downtime. Therefore, there are some main things to be kept in mind while buying Hosting. What I am going to tell today



Best Web Hosting for Website



Bluehost is the top-recommended company by WordPress for online business. If you buy hosting from here, you will get a domain for free for 1 year. If you need a Good hosting for your website. So BlueHost can be the best option for you. Why do you get good features here at Cheap Price? You provide 24 × 7 support via {Phone Email Live Chat} and you will get SSL free.


Apart from this, here you get Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage if you buy hosting from BlueHost and cancel it within 30 days. Then you will get Completely Refund.


Bluehost provides Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, E-Commerce Hosting to take your business online.

Here three categories of Shared Hosting will be found, which can be purchased according to the need. The special feature of BlueHost here is that you get SSD storage on any hosting purchase.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Pro


A2 Hosting

If you are looking for fast and reliable hosting, then A2 Hosting is perfect for you. This hosting is very popular for its fast loading and high-performance. If you take A2 Hosting Startup Plan, then it has 5 Database, Unlimited Storage. With Free Unlimited Transfer you will get free SSL & SSD.

If you do not like the hosting of this website then it gives Anytime Money Back Guarantee. If you buy expensive plans from here. So you will get 20x Fast Server. From this website, you can buy a hosting package for just Rs 212.




SiteGround is a hosting provider company that provides all the features of Website Hosting. If you want to take your online business to a good place. So for this,

I recommend this hosting, because in this you are given the facility of Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Woocommarce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, you can select the location of the server as per your choice.

In this, you are given free facility to transfer your website so that you can easily migrate your website. This is the best thing about Web Hosting.

If you purchase hosting from this, then you can take 10,000 to 100,000 Visitors in this monthly. SiteGround gives you Free Website Builder and in this, you get Free Daily Backup. You will not have to pay separately for this.


Hosting Plan

StartUp Plan

GroBig Plane

GoGeek Plane



Hostgator is a very popular hosting provider that provides you with hosting at a cheap price. In this, you will get all types of hosting options. For example, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, you can also purchase domains from here. Which you can buy here at a very low price.


Apart from being popular, Hostgator also provides good features. It promises to be fast loading and 99.9% Uptime. In this you provide 24 × 7 Support via Email, Phone, Online Chat, You buy Hosting from Hostgator. If you are not satisfied with the hosting then you have 45 days. A complete Refund can be taken inside.


If you want to become a Hosting Reseller, then you can do a Reseller hosting purchase from Hostgator and lunch your hosting provider website. There are 4 types of Reseller Hosting Purchase.

  • Aluminum
  • Gold



Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is known for its good features. Because hosting is provided according to you here, due to its good features, it’s ranking always remains at the top. If you have to host your powerful website, then Inmotion Hosting can become the Best Choice because you are going to get many features here. With which you can make your powerful website run smooth.


You will get many features here. Here you are provided with MultiChoice Hosting. Such as WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Website Creator, Bussiness Hosting,


Website Creator, Here you also get the option of Website Creator. From where you can get the website Desing according to you, for this you will not need any Coading.

If it is talked about its starter plan, then you can start Shared Hosting here for just $ 3.99 / month. In this, you will get all these features


  • FREE Domain
  •  2 Websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Unlimited Email
  • Marketing Tools
  •  Security Suite
  •  FREE SS


If you are looking for a powerful hosting for a website, then you will not get the best hosting from Hostinger. Why I think Hostinger Worldwide is a popular hosting provider. Because here you are going to get the best hosting at a very cheap price,

if you talk about its rating, then it has got a rating of 9.8 / 10. Which is the best

Here you can buy hosting for 48 months at Starting Price 49 / Month. Simultaneously it will be available in SSL free for lifetime. Support is very important for every hosting.

Here you will get 24 × 7/365 Support, which can be very helpful for the user. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If you want to buy a domain at a very low price, then you can buy it from here

Hosting plane

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